June 2022

Leyte Gulf Battlefield

Dives off the island of Samar in the Philippines and discovery of the ship-wrecked USS Samuel B. Roberts.

January 2022

Atacama Trench

First descents to the new deepest and second-deepest points in the South-Eastern Pacific.

Nov-Dec 2021

South Pacific Trenches

First descents to the bottom of the San Cristobal, New Hebrides, and Kermadec (10,000+ meter) Trenches.

Sep-Oct 2021

Bering Sea Mapping

Mapping in support of GEBCO and NOAA in the Bering Sea during some of the few ice-free months of the year there.

April 2021

Mariana Trench

Continued scientific dives in the Challenger and Sirena Deeps, sponsored by explorer Larry Connor.

March 2021

“ANZAC” Dive

The first Australian and New Zealander to reach full-ocean-depth at Challenger Deep.

March 2021


Confirmation of the hull of the USS Johnston in the Philippine Sea, during the deepest wreck dives in history.

March 2021

Philippine Trench

The first crewed descent to the third deepest trench on Earth and first Filipino to Emden Deep.

March 2021

Challenger Deep

Dives to the world’s deepest point, bringing the total number of crewed descents to 16  – including R. Garriott, M. Dubno, and N. Yamase

February 2021


The first “full ascent” of Mauna Kea from its base on the sea floor to its summit – a distance higher than Mt. Everest.

The Making of Limiting Factor


Discover the incredible story behind the creation of the world’s only submersible to be certified Depth: Unlimited.

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Enjoy the stories behind Caladan Oceanic’s 2021 Expeditions with these incredible, media-rich and interactive storyboards created by our friends at ESRI. They chronicle the team’s discoveries, along with the technological power and human spirit that make it possible.

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