Challenger Deep – March 2021

Continued dives to Challenger Deep, with Richard Garriot and Michael Dubno.


March 2021

In March 2021, Richard Garriott became the first person in history to launch into space, visit the north and south poles, and journey to the bottom of the ocean.

The current President of the worldwide Explorer’s Club, he contributed novel science experiments and educational projects to his dive to Challenger Deep.

His good friend and fellow explorer Michael Dubno visited the bottom two days later, assisting the team to survey an unexplored portion of the northeast “wall” of the Eastern Pool, Challenger Deep.

As active members of the crew, they assisted with lander operations, film-making, and sharing the experience with school children and explorers or all ages.

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Hamish Harding

Also in March, private jet executive Hamish Harding made a descent to the bottom of Challenger Deep with Victor Vescovo piloting. Their mission was to extensively explore the Eastern pool of Challenger Deep, making the longest east-to-west voyage along its bottom ever (4.6km) during the longest dive at full ocean depth in history (4 hrs 15 mins).

During their dive, the duo encountered the highest and deepest vertical wall ever encountered, measuring over. 50 meters high along the boundary of the Pacific and Philippine tectonic plates.

Nicole Yamase

The final dive at Challenger Deep in 2021 by the Caladan Oceanic team welcomed Nicole Yamase of the Federated States of Micronesia. She was the first citizen of that country to voyage to the bottom of the ocean, in an area that is the territory of her home country. A trained ocean scientist current pursuing her Ph.D at the University of Hawaii, she was able to experience first-hand the experience of descending through the entire water column.

She was only the third woman and second-youngest person ever to the bottom of the ocean.