Caladan Oceanic-Affiliated Scientific Publications

“The quest for seafloor macrolitter: a critical review of background knowledge, current methods and future prospects”

This paper reviews current knowledge and methods, identifies existing needs, and points to future developments that are required to address the estimation of seafloor macrolitter.

“Hydrozoans, scyphozoans, larvaceans and ctenophores observed
in situ at hadal depths”

Hydrozoa, Scyphozoa, Larvacea (Appendicularia) and Ctenophora are not typically associated with hadal communi- ties. Here, we report observations of these groups based on 136 benthic camera lander deployments that spanned all five oceans, encompassing 14 deep sites, culminating in >1000 h of video in the near-bottom waters between 5000 and 10 925 m.

“Worldwide distribution and depth limits of decapod crustaceans (Penaeoidea, Oplophoroidea) across the abyssal-hadal transition zone of eleven subduction trenches and five additional deep-sea features”

Decapod crustaceans are conspicuous members of marine benthic communities to at least 7,700 m deep. To assess the bathymetric extent of this taxonomic group, baited landers were deployed to across the abyssal-hadal transition zone of 11 subduction trenches spanning the Pacific, Atlantic, Southern, and Indian oceans and additional sites…