Victor Vescovo


The Creator, Sponsor and Sub Pilot

The Caladan Oceanic Expeditions are the brainchild of extreme explorer Victor Vescovo who will pilot the submersible on its dives.

Victor is a Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Insight Equity based in Dallas, Texas. He specializes in the aerospace, defense, electronics, and pollution control industries and is Chairman of Insight Equity’s three companies that operate in those areas. He received his MBA from Harvard Business School where he was named a Baker Scholar for graduating in the top 5% of his class. He has also received a Master’s Degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and earned a double major BA in economics and political science from Stanford University. Additionally, Victor served 20 years in the U.S. Navy Reserve as an intelligence officer, retiring in 2013 as a Commander (O-5). His principal duties involved operational airstrike targeting and after 9/11 was deployed to support counter-terrorism efforts overseas.

In 2017, Victor became the 12th American to complete the “Explorer’s Grand Slam” which requires climbing the highest peak on all seven of the world’s continents including Mt. Everest and skiing at least 100 kilometers to the North and South Poles. In 2020, he piloted history’s deepest ever submarine dive in the Pacific’s Mariana Trench, was the first person to do it repeatedly – now twelve times, and in August 2019 became the first person to visit “The Five Deeps,” the deepest point in all five of the world’s oceans. Victor is also the first person to dive the four deepest points on any ocean floor, has made three dives to the Titanic including the only solo dive ever made there, and completed the deepest wreck dive in history at the site of the USS Johnston in early 2021. He is also a commercially rated multi-engine jet, helicopter, and submersible test pilot.

Headshot photograph of Victor Vescovo of Caladan Oceanic