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Expedition to various points in the Pacific Ocean.

Dive Series 1

Challenger Deep June 5 – 15

  • Dr Kathy Sullivan, the first woman to the bottom of Challenger Deep

  • Three additional dives to the “Eastern Pool” of Challenger Deep

  • First 4K video recording of Challenger Deep

  • Extensive topological and ecological survey

Dive Series 2

Challenger Deep June 17 – 28

  • Descent of Kelly Walsh, Dr. Don Walsh’ son, to the bottom of the Western Pool of Challenger Deep – 60 years after has father did it

  • Three additional dives into Challenger Deep including the Western, Central and Eastern Pools

  • Further topographical and marine life survey of the entire Challenger Deep for a cumulative total in 2020 of eight dives, all piloted by Victor Vescovo.

  • Extensive topological and ecological survey

Scientific Lander Series

Northern Mariana Trench  June 29 – July 26

  • First multiple lander descents to the Nero, Tinian, Saipan and Rota Deeps in the Northern Mariana Trench

  • Extensive scientific research across different depths and locations

  • Continued deep-water multibeam mapping for NOAA priority areas

Deep Ocean Mapping

“Ring of Fire” Trenches  July 26 – August 28

  • Continued extensive mapping of previously unmapped seafloors in the Japan, Kamchatka, and Aleutian Islands Trenches

  • Cross the threshold of over one million square kilometers of new multibeam mapping since early 2019

  • End this phase of the Ring of Fire expedition in Hawaii for ships and sub maintenance and refit